What is snoring?

Snoring is an aggravating problem that can cause considerable irritation. Especially for the partner who’s kept nearly completely awake by it. In many cases, couples even choose to sleep separately. The solution is not ideal, but often essential in order for the non-snorer to get a good night’s sleep.

What causes snoring?

During sleep, the snorer makes a growling noise. This can be so loud that the partner and even the neighbours are aggravated. The cause of this noise is a narrowing of the airway, usually behind the uvula or in the throat cavity directly behind the tongue. A narrow nasal cavity can also cause annoying snoring noise.

There are several circumstances that can aggravate snoring: sleeping on one’s back, smoking, obesity, the use of alcohol and some medicines can cause a narrowing. Relaxation of the muscles due to old age or fatigue can also initiate snoring.

Snoring may also have a medical cause such as having a soft palate and uvula or enlarged tonsils or adenoids. This latter is usually seen in children.

Can I keep from snoring?

In recent years, various substances have come onto the market that were intended to prevent snoring. Bandages, braces, sprays … ┬áthere was an endless choice and the solution was often of short duration. Still, these substances can be effective! Always make sure that these substances have been clinically tested so that you know that they work. It’s also important that the substance be applied properly, as with this anti-snoring spray. After all, these substances are intended to make the partner’s sleep as pleasant as possible. In a number of cases, the snoring will not disappear entirely, but the noise will become bearable. Is there a suspicion of sleep apnoea? Then always consult a physician.