Wake up refreshed with PuraNox! The anti snoring spray that reduces or even completely prevents the annoying noise. It works immediately, is easy-to-use and improves the quality of your sleep. The patent formula, based on natural extracts, provides rapid, extended relief. With the ergonomic spray head, the product always ends up in the right place.

How PuraNox works

There are many anti snoring products on the market such as sprays, bandages and braces. Most are quite unpleasant for the snorer and often are not very effective. As a result, these products usually end up in your medicine cabinet or wastebasket. And the snorer is less motivated to try yet another product. Especially because it’s the partner who has trouble with the snoring, not the snorer himself! The special spray head ensures that the light mist always ends up in the right place. PuraNox forms a thin layer in the throat that counters the vibrations and also the rumbling sound. It’s effective, works immediately, is easy-to-use and is not unpleasant for the snorer!

Where to buy PuraNox

PuraNox is available at drug stores and pharmacists.